Welcome to Alexandra Park Medical Centre Bundaberg.

Our GP medical practice is friendly and family oriented. The founder, Doctor Patrick Byrnes has been delivering care, often to four generations since 1979. This tradition is continued by him and our current medical practitioners Dr Chris Cullinan, Dr David Shilton (partners) and Dr Alice Reye.

A progressive practice - involved in research:

  • University of Qld. (U/Q) Research practice of Excellence and teaching:
  • > UQ medical students
  • > GMT Registrars ../More info
An experienced practice offering:
  • Advanced skin cancer surgery in our minor op room
  • Up to date Chronic Disease management using our own software


COVID-19 Immunisation plan.

We start our COVID immunisation on 12/04/21. The Dept. of Health has recommended the provision of vaccine in the following time order:
  1. All the health care workers and their staff

  2. All adults over 70 years of age and all adults with chronic disease (e.g. Heart, diabetes)

  3. Then all other adults: (presently children will not be eligible as the vaccine has not been tested on children yet.)

  4. This vaccine will be supplied free by the Australian Government.

  1. All immunisations will be bulk billed

  2. We will contact adults in group 2 to arrange their immunisation

  3. All other adults are recommended to place their name on our “request for immunisation” list. We will then contact everyone on this list as soon as category 2 patients are immunised.

APMC Caring for your health needs
  • We anticipate COVID-19 precautions will continue for most of 2021.

  • We will continue to provide services as usual for all your medical needs through our front entrance. In our waiting rooms we will be maintaining social distancing and recommended Government precautions. You will have the option of waiting on our newly screened front veranda.

  • We will continue our same day “fever clinic” service via our back car park entrance with our partitioned rear waiting room. (To isolate at risk patients).
  • All patients over 16 years of age with a fever, cough, runny nose or sore throat should inform the receptionist when they phone for an appointment.

  • All the rear surgery car parks will be left vacant. So, if advised to present to the rear car park then park at the rear and ring the reception to say you have arrived. (This rear entrance also applies to quick clinic children who have a fever as well).

Alexandra Park Medical Centre

60 Quay Street
Bundaberg Qld 4670

Tel: (07) 4152 5477